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Bikes/Cars + Specialised Motor Vehicles

Bikes/Cars + Specialised Motor Vehicles


At Freightworks we have a team of professionals who fully understand the love, care & consideration an owner gives to his or her motorcycle/car. Within the team there are ‘Bikers + car enthusiasts’ who know what it means to trust your own pride & enjoy in the hands of another party.

This is why we ensure that your beauty will be handled with the utmost care & delivered right to your door in pristine condition. Our team will ensure that you & your bike/car receive excellent Customer Service right from your first call, all the way through to the wheels touching down at your delivery location.

Freightworks has been responsible for the transportation of many vehicles over the years and have a professional, extensive relationship with Bentley automotive UAE. Ask the team for a quote now.


Freightworks can offer storage of your Bike or Car for short and long term requirements. We provide a secure facility with extra options available for the care of your pride and joy whilst in storage.